MIGZ TATZ is an artist who works in a variety of mediums and disciplines. His work can be found in the urban fashion industry, record stores, and on peoples bodies. Clients include Ecko Unltd, Sullen Clothing, and Wu-Tang Clan. MIGZ TATZ is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Why did you decide to become a tattoo artist?
I sort of just fell into it. I did my first tattoo on myself with a sewing needle when I was 15. I instantly became addicted. 

What artists have inspired you and why?
I am most INSPIRED by classical artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Velasquez and Caravaggio. They were true artisans and created timeless works.I am most INFLUENCED by comic book artists like Simon Bisley and Sam Keith. Their work has sketchy, dark, unrefined elements.

What kind of experience do you have as a tattoo artist?
I have been tattooing professionally since August 2012.

Is there a style of tattooing that you enjoy doing more so than others and can you explain why?
Black and grey work definitely. It’s where I get to really show off my skills.

What does tattooing mean to you?
Creating a living piece of art.

What tattoos do you have?
I have a dragon on my right leg, a sleeve of heaven and hell on my left arm, and a full chest lettering piece.

What was the inspiration or reason behind your own tattoos?

The overall theme from top to bottom is Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. It is not such a literal meaning. It is more a metaphor for my life, and some personal struggles and battles I have had.

If someone were unsure about getting a tattoo, what kind of advice would you give them?
Do your homework! Invest the time into finding something that is significant to you.