■ Studio outline
Private studio 
・Questions welcomed
・Please feel free to contact with uncompleted works and

■ Tattoo Cost & Fees
・Tattoos and workshops are priced by the session. Price is for actual tattoo time,
    not set up and preparation. Deposit of $200 is required to secure a date.
Single Session $600 (4-5 hours)
Double Session $1000
 (8-10 hours) 

■ Drawing Cost & Fees
Portrait drawing commissions ( 9" x 12" unframed):  1 face $250, $100 each
   additional face (+ s/h)
Private 1-to-1 drawing workshop: (4 hours) $600
Drawing workshop at your event: (4 hours) travel expenses/materials + $1000 
All monies to be paid in advance via cash, credit card, Paypal or Chase quick pay

■ Reservation Details

・Please email for a consultation Migztatz@gmail.com
・Consultation does not guarantee tattoo appointment
Consultation may be done via, Skype, Facetime, or FB video
・Loose ideas with room for my artistic interpretation get priority
    in scheduling
・After the design is agreed upon and deposit is paid then we can then proceed
   to make a reservation/appointment date
・Rolling deposit for large scale works. Applied to final session
・Please refer to my portfolio for area of specialization

■ Tattoo's cannot be done if the following applies

・Under 18 years old
・No ID card
・Not willing to sign a studio contract
・Have any of the following:
Infectious diseases, Liver
    complaint, Heart disease, Diabetes, Skin disease, Epilepsy.
・If you have any skin allergies,please consult a Doctor
・Pregnant women

■ Sanitary Supervision

・The needles used are sterilized by autoclave.
・All needles, ink, and gloves are disposable.
・All areas that come in contact with skin are protected by

■ For Your Attention

・Please be in good physical health for your tattoo.
We will not perform tattoo's on clients who appear to be
    suffering from 
the affects of alcohol or drugs.
・Appointment is by reservation only.
・Same day tattoo's are not available. You must have a prior

■ Appointment Day
・When you arrive for your appointment please present your ID
 (Passport, Alien Registration card).
・Please sign the studio contract.
・Please do not drink alcohol the day before your appointment.
・Please make sure you have eaten and are well rested.
・Bring snacks for longer sessions (sugary foods are best for light-headedness).
・Please wear baggy or loose clothing that can be removed easily
    to avoid ink stains.
・You may feel a little weak after your tattoo so please rest if
・We provide a 1 month check up at our studio. If any color has
 we will correct it free of charge.
Please come to appointment alone unless with prior